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Quote quickly. Eliminate errors. Grow faster.

With Salesforce CPQ, you can configure products, price orders, and generate quotes, all with the click of a button. Salesforce CPQ is 5-10x faster to implement than other CPQ software and is easy to use, on any device, anywhere, anytime.


  • Monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other period of time
  • When service is provisioned, when a customers signs up, or at any other milestone
  • Based on a variety of charge models including a flat fee, per unit, volume pricing, tiered, overage, and more

Create Web Forms for Any Salesforce Object

FormStack for Salesforce makes the impossible possible with Web to Any Object integration. Create fully custom data collection solutions in Salesforce with FormStack Web Forms on the front end.

Use conditional Logic, A/B Testing, Field Validation, File Uploads, Electronic Signatures – ALL the things that are sorely missing from standard web to lead forms are made easy with FormStack.



Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce Data

Automatically cleanse, consolidate, and manage hierarchies in Salesforce for a single customer view.

nformatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce automatically detects and corrects erroneous and duplicated data existing in your Salesforce org, and gives you the flexibility to automatically or manually merge your records.

Through automated search at point of entry and lead conversion, Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce ensures that duplicate records never get created thereafter. This means your business can:

  • Ensure data best practices are being met
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Empower Salesforce users with flexible data management
  • Increase Salesforce user adoption