Salesforce Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Solution

Automate and streamline Commercial Real Estate operations with Salesforce, Shoretel and Linkedin integration.

  • Collaborative deal sharing capability – create ad hoc in office teams
  • Custom Target Companies, Deals Working, and Contacts Interface
  • Manage and track all target company communications
  • Use Linkedin integration to easily identify contacts in target companies
  • On incoming calls Shoretel Sky automatically pops up with contact /company detail
  • Comprehensive deal and prospect reporting

Brokers /Agents can easily share specific deals and contacts with partner agents and visa versa between separate Salesforce accounts. Detailed tracking and reporting means you can stay on top of all target company communications even on shared deals and instantly have all background data on all incoming contact calls. Optimize your commercial real estate operations, improve productivity and give yourself more time to sell as well as peace of mind. Step up to automated operations management with our Salesforce Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Solution.

Complete installation and training in 1-3 days.