Salesforce Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing and user behavior tracking for lead scoring within Salesforce are big issues for large-scale marketing and sales operations. The ability to automate lead qualification saves thousand of dollars in man hours and will boost sales effectiveness in ways nothing else can. The ability to focus sales efforts on the hottest prospects can boost productivity dramatically driving revenue improvement.

Marketing Automation Method

How is this possible? It is accomplished by integrating a leading marketing automation and lead scoring solution such as Pardot with Salesforce. This involves careful planning of the integration (Lead Scoring Matrix, Target Content, Database Configuration, Website Integration) as well as strategic development of the multi-touch email marketing campaigns to target your key vertical markets.

Fully implemented you should be touching your prospects at least six times. In marketing research this multi-touch method produces a 92% chance of getting through to the prospect. Choosing the correct messaging is also crucial.

Marketing Automation Next Steps

If you engage with us we can help you with the planning and development of your marketing automation strategy. As well as the implementation development of your vertical target markets to drive strategic lead nurturing initiatives.

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