Salesforce Data Migration Services

Salesforce Consulting Services offers premium Salesforce Data Migration Services for SMB and Enterprise. We can handle your data migration projects with ease using the Data Loader, Bulk API, and any other tool you may require for your special data migration needs.

We can also build you the best data model and architect the data management solution you need on the platform. Contact Salesforce Consulting Services for all your data migration needs.

Salesforce data migration

  • Legacy data stores and complex disparate systems data extraction.
  • Data mapping and custom requirements GAP analysis
  • Data architecture modeling
  • Data clean, data fix, de-dupe, and import preparation
  • Salesforce solution design and development

Deep Salesforce Data Migration Technical Knowledge 

  • 20 years data migration and management experience
  • Complex Data Migration Requirements
  • Custom Data Solutions Development 

Salesforce Data Migration Experience

  • Corp to Corp Salesforce Mergers
  • Legacy Systems, Custom Systems to Salesforce
  • Excel, Outlook, Evernote, Salestech, Act, Goldmine to Salesforce
  • Sandbox Data Modeling and Testing, Sandbox to Salesforce

Salesforce Data Migration Data Management Tools

  • Data Loader
  • Bulk API
  • Ringlead
  • DemandTools

Talk directly to a certified Salesforce consultant to untangle your complex data migration requirements and simplify the solution development cycle making it easy communicate and manage.

Call me direct: (408) 657-6690

Marc King
Certified Salesforce Consultant
Salesforce Consulting Services