Financial Portfolio Management in Salesforce

Portfolio management has many specific characteristics that require significant customization of the SalesForce platform. Tracking contacts, events and investor relationships as well as detailed reporting and dashboard analysis of fund growth, sales performance, investor acquisition, and investments is far from the standard sales life-cycle method of the typical off the shelf SalesForce application. However with carefull planning and development strategy SalesForce can become the robust portfolio management solution you envision.

We have direct experience creating SalesForce Portfolio Management Solutions for hedge funds and investment groups. So we can not only guide you in the creation of your portfolio solution but I can also give you the tips and tricks we discovered as we used the portfolio solution in actual hedge fund management with global sales teams and executives.

Centralize the management of your global portfolio with a custom SalesForce Portfolio Management Solution and give your directors and managers the tools to not only simplify the reporting tasks and management of your sales teams but to also boost productivity and give executive staff the global view and analysis to make smarter decisions to facilitate more effective leadership.

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