Pipeline Versus Revenue Management for Enterprise

Complex Sales

Complex product offerings often involve a mix of retail sales, onsite scheduled events, and web delivered solutions. Where some income is at close of sale while other substantial revenue is subscription or delivery based with revenue realized incrementally over many months. Implementing CRM into these scenarios is no easy task.

Absolute Data Accuracy

The challenge is to create an opportunity management process with requisite functionality applicable to all the enterprise sales methodologies. This requires fully documented sales processes and may involve KPI integration from external delivery management systems. The executive leading this solution must then be able to delineate Pipeline versus revenue management within the reporting and dashboards provided. This is key to effective enterprise revenue management.

Custom Solution Delivered

Engage Salesforce Consulting Services for a complete enterprise Pipeline versus Revenue Management Analysis. We offer deep solution development experience within complex enterprise sales environments. Multiple sales types across global markets require clarity and absolute accuracy in reporting and dashboards. If you have questions about report accuracy and require separation of Pipeline and Revenue Management for complex sales we can help.

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