LinkedIn for Salesforce – Full Corporate LinkedIn Solutions

For Linkedin there are 3 aspects of install
  1. Your Company Page
  2. Your Personal Account
  3. Linkedin integration in Salesforce
Linkedin for Salesforce requires that you maintain a premium level account for $39 a month for each user.
Linkedin for Salesforce will give you detailed contact information for all your accounts. Using your Linkedin Premium in-mail you can contact prospects directly in Linkedin as well as get email and phone for those who list it in their accounts. Linkedin gives you the ability to search for specific role titles in your target accounts such as “Facility Manager”. I have installed Salesforce integration with Linkedin for commercial real estate offices that use only Linkedin to get all their prospects on target companies and earn 7 figures annual as a result.
Linkedin can also show you that larger companies can have many regional facility managers who manage new facility development all over the country and the globe. So you may know one or two names but having access to the global facility team could allow you to scale your sales dramatically. This is also true for other industry sales targets such as Purchasing Managers, IT Engineers, HR Managers, etc…
For corporate B2B Sales and Business Development I highly recommend the Linkedin Salesforce Integration.
Custom LinkedIn Corporate Solutions

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