Lead Process Development

In every case when I first discuss implementing or optimizing Salesforce for a new client I ask one simple question. What is your lead process? More often then not what I get back is a vague variety of assumptions, not a process. CRM systems all come with a basic Lead Management concept in mind, however this is not meant to be the process that you must now use. In fact if your sales team has a different process by which they are most successful at converting leads then attempting to use such a basic predefined process will lead to poor adoption and CRM failure.

HOT TIP: Did you know that according to CRM Magazine “65% of all CRM Implementations Fail” care to know why? Just re-read that first paragraph.

So what is your lead process? In terms of designing your CRM Lead Management Process you need to create a step by step series of status updates that take into account both major and minor potential events, pre-conversion.

In general at the top there is always the pre-contacted and post-contacted stages. This could be  “Phone Call – Left Message, Phone – Contacted, Email 1, Email 2, Email – Responded. Or something similar depending on how you operate, i.e. call centers vs. sales teams or both.

Then we move on to the post-contacted pre-conversion stages. These must now be more closely tied to your specific business. Do you present portfolios, gather requirements, perform due diligence, give a demonstration? As you can see this post-contacted stage can take unlimited forms of detail depending on industry and target markets.

Many companies just don’t know how their top producing sales people do their job. This is why it is so important to engage an experienced individual to manage and oversee the collection and documentation of key processes as you undertake the implementation of any CRM system. It should also be noted that you want a CRM solution that can be easily customized to precisely fit your business model, allowing you to define exactly what your lead process will be.

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