Inventory Barcode Scan into Salesforce

Imagine using your cellphone to scan new inventory items into Salesforce. Not only is this possible but it can be implemented in a matter of weeks. With inventory apps for both iPhone and Android phones, Salesforce Consulting Services offers complete Inventory Barcode Scanning into Salesforce Solutions.

Instantly create new records of any type (standard or custom) in salesforce by scanning barcodes! Fast, Easy and No mistyped information. Also looks for Duplicate Records prior to creating the new record!

Our Barcode Scanning into Salesforce Solutions offer:

  • Greatly reduce data entry hours and mistakes by scanning barcodes to create new records.
  • Setup your own “Scan Profiles” for each new situation. It even lets you customize the built-in automated Duplicate Record Identification!
  • Supports virtually any salesforce object (standard or custom) with or without your custom Record Types.

Additional available Supply Chain Management Features

  • Lot/Serial Number Generation¬†
  • Master Document Management
  • Reorder Points
  • SKU Number Cross Reference
  • Wave picking
  • Customized Fields
  • 3PL Customer Portal
  • Clone Transactions
  • Shipment Tracking

Implement Salesforce Barcode Scan in Salesforce today to completely optimize and accelerate your supply chain management.

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