HIPAA Compliance in Salesforce

Is Salesforce HIPAA Compliant?

The short answer is YES it can be, but your data hierarchy, access rights, and data must be thoughtfully configured addressing data security best practices in every respect. Salesforce uses 6 separate tiers of data security to manage the visibility and accessibility of data in the Salesforce system.

  • Roles
  • Profiles
  • Permission sets
  • Data Types
  • Custom Layouts
  • Field Level Access

Utilizing these features you can create air tight HIPAA Compliance in Salesforce for your organization. However the preparation and documentation of the system architecture and data security policies are critical and mandated by HIPAA regulations. The ability to demonstrate and validate data security is required for HIPAA Compliance Certification. To accomplish this our Salesforce HIPAA Compliance certification program touches every aspect of your organizational HIPAA Compliance needs.

Salesforce Consulting Services understands all the necessary demands of full HIPAA compliance and offers complete Salesforce HIPAA Certification Development Services.

For all your business requirements, questions or concerns around Salesforce HIPAA compliance for your organization:

We offer:

  • Salesforce HIPAA Compliance Requirements Analysis
  • Salesforce HIPAA Data Security Schema Development
  • Salesforce HIPAA Compliance Check Up and Gap Analysis
  • Salesforce HIPAA Compliance Verification and Certification


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