Healthcare Legacy System Replication and Integration in Salesforce

Many Hospitals and health care service providers rely on outdated legacy software packages that are not well integrated and require multiple logins to collect patient data. These outdated systems slow productivity and create bottlenecks in revenue streams as well as hinder optimization and management. We here at Salesforce Consulting Services understand these intrinsic issues and can replicate your Legacy Healthcare management solutions in Salesforce’s fully integrated database platform. This will allow you to generate reports and manage patient care in real time with a single login. Salesforce also offers complete HIPAA security and easily managed login access for Doctors, Nurses, Managers, Directors and Executives.

Build out and embrace detailed dashboard analysis of hospital performance, and drill down to problem areas with explicit detail in seconds. This is possible today when you engage Salesforce Consulting Services to Replicate and Integrate your outdated Health Care and Patient Management tools.

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