Defining CRM Success

Salesforce Consulting Services has seen a lot of poorly designed Salesforce implementations in our day to day operations. For instance we just completed service with Western Digital corporation where a top tier platinum partner had completed a two year implementation with zero adoption. This was followed by another platinum partner who delivered a mission critical solution so over burdoned with unnecessary complexity it was abandoned by the customer technical support division who was now managing the key customer relationships in excel.

Salesforce Consulting Services was able to completely re-engineer the full solution with 100% adoption in just three months as well as deliver a completely rebuilt Customer Service Portal solution using only native declarative functionality. A 100% successful project where two platinum partners had failed. The reason that we succeeded is clear, superior depth of experience from both the onsite BSA as well as over 60 senior certified developers.

The reason that the former platinum partners failed is much more troubling. These platinum partners hire a much more junior level staff, and use predefined forms for requirements. These junior representatives are unable to discern the proper influence of key stakeholders versus the opinions of top executives in the process. What results is a set of executive needs that do not reflect the fundamental processes that need to be automated. What was delivered was a solution that was not useful to the rank and file users and furthermore did not even produce the data required by the upstream Tableau reports (The primary goal of the solution).

Salesforce Consulting Services completed these rebuilds in just three months with 100% success. When we say CRM Success Guaranteed we mean business.

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